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How do you organise your Tshirts - name, colour, year you bought... or could it be Genre? Is Van Halen Hard Rock or Heavy Metal!?

Honestly? By personal experience! First gig, gifts from friends/girls, vacations… that kinda thing. It’s the ‘High Fidelity’ of shirt collections ;)

What do you do with the tshirts once you've worn them? :O

Unfortunately anything worn by me has to be sealed in a lead container and fired into the sun as soon as I take it off… 

Not to sound like every "IN MY DAY" pillock but I miss when Terratag used to just put out Gundam and the odd Macross shirts, along with a plethora of other material, now they're just putting out stuff I don't think is very inspired any longer. Still eager to get one of their old shirts with the Bandai logo spraypainted on.

Totally, when they were just starting out they had some really cool stuff, and the colabs they did run were all on theme, but I think the graffiti stuff has weakened the brand tbh. Glad I managed to get in early - still want one of the original ‘Asimov’ designs though!

Is it so you don't have to do laundry? ;)

Well, I still have to iron my underoos you know;)

would you ever a shirt which was psychedelic?

There will be a few tie-dye numbers coming up soon ;)

Saturday May 7th, 2011:


I KNOW! What’s going on?

This is a Testament shirt, who for my money were one of the few truly top-notch thrash groups going.

I got this during a show at the much-missed Astoria theatre in Old London town. The band’s brobdingnagian frontman Chuck Billy had recently got over cancer.

I say got over, he’d actually beaten it to death with it’s own shoes. Look at the picture of Chuck above. This pic was taken one month after Chuck had chemo.

He’s a f**king monster, he really is.

Anyway, all I know is, it was a good show, and afterwards we all went to the club that features in the Prodigy’s Smack My BitchUp video.Something happened to apply a brown stain to the shirt which I’ve never been able to remove.

Here’s some soothing night music:

Friday May 6th, 2011:

Rest assured, the big X doesn’t mark buried treasure.

OK, so this is a promo shirt for the supremely nerdy ‘Earth X’, a comic book detailing the possibly future of the MArvel Univers.

I told you it was geeky. On the other hand, it did feature some lovely art by Alex Ross, that went far beyond the big red X I’m modelling above.

It also had a really gnarly update on Daredevil’s costume. And.. erm… Thor. As a woman. For some reason.

Anyway, there wasn’t really any related musicfor this, so I thought I’d play you some Racer X, who are nearly as ridiculous.

Thursday May 5th, 2011: For all of my days…

This may look like another example of my woeful pictographic skillz, but no, this shirt actually looks like that.

It’s shit. But everyone who’s ever lived in a small seaside town is contractually obliged to own at least one ‘ho-ho-hilarious’ T-shirt.


On the plus side, it gives us an excuse to listen to this:

Wednesday May 4th, 2011:

Happy days are here again eh? What with the sun shining, the birds swaying and the trees singing, it’s definitely time to don apparel suited for the funeral of a particularly depressed donkey isn’t it?

Case in point -this number by Stockholm metallers Katatonia.

not to be confused with Cerys Matthews and the more generally Welsh Catatonia. I know -who’d have thought it would be possible to be more depressing than a Welsh band called catatonia? Somehow these wacky Swedes managed it.

I’ve been trying all morning to remember where I got this. Apparently I found it in my ten at a festival. Which means it might not be mine. Which means it belongs to someone else who was in my tent.

This shirt is size XXL.

Occasionally, a poor memory is a blessing.

Anyway -try this if you need a nap:

Tuesday May 3rd, 2011:

yeah yeah I know,  I sure am a suave muthaflippa aren’t I? How could any lady resist a bright orange Seps shirt with the sleeves ripped off? It’s no wonder I have to fight girls off on a daily basis.

To be fair this started life as a proper shirt, but I had it on at Donnington in about 1993, and it was well over 100 degrees that day.

Luckily there was a nice girl on one of the cigarette trucks who lent us some scissors so that we could adapt our clothes to the weather, and spend the rest of the day laughing at Marylyn Manson fans with heat exhaustion. The bloody fools -take off your trenchcoats!

Erm, so Sepultura… well, they weren’t ever really my fave band, but they were allright for about five minutes in 1990, and created possibly the biggest traditional (read dancing, not fighting) mosh pit I’ve ever seen.

Destroy ‘em all!: